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Even though we have accomplished much thanks to the focus that Tech Tomorrow brought to our efforts, there is still much more we must do to ensure our continued success in serving students.

We certainly have success to build upon. Already, Tech provides our students with the highest ROI of any public university in Tennessee based on our affordable tuition coupled with the successful career placement for our graduates.

Other notable items, according to the Tennessee Higher Education Fact Book 2020-2021:

  • Tech has the highest percentage full-time enrollment of the LGI universities.
  • Tech is second in the state, only to UT Knoxville, for highest average ACT score.
  • Tech has the highest freshman-to-sophomore retention rate of the LGI institutions.
  • Tech consistently has the highest four- and six-year graduation rates of all the LGI institutions.
  • Tech has the second highest rate of full-time faculty teaching lower division courses of any state higher education institution.
  • Tech students have the lowest average debt of any state university graduates.
  • Tech consistently has the second lowest default rate for students with financial assistance.
  • Tech ranks the highest of the state universities for Quality Assurance points and funding.

When we started work on this plan, I noted that Alec Ross, in his book “The Industries of the Future,” wrote about the changes that are happening to our society due to technological advances in genomics, robotics, codification of money and markets, cybersecurity, big data and autonomous transport. Tech is in an ideal position to educate our students on the social, economic and historical impact of these technologies, something that sets Tech apart from most other universities.

Whether it is creating a Tech-unique general education curriculum, developing technologically infused programs, increasing the effectiveness of scholarship endowments, or supporting economic development, Tech Tomorrow continues to guide us as we move forward in making both short- and long-term decisions.

Together, we will continue to put students first, continue to innovate, and build on our successes. I hope you can see the relevance of our strategic plan and make it a part of your planning, thinking and doing.

Together, we will continue to serve students first, along with their families, and assist and support the Tech faculty and staff who inspire and guide students as we work The Wings Up Way. I hope you can see the relevance of our strategic plan and make it a part of your planning, thinking and doing, while remembering this is not just an academic exercise. It’s personal to each student we serve in Tech’s tomorrow.

Wings Up,

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