Tech Clean Up Day    12 AUG 2013   TTU Photo/Dave Willis and Dean CarothersWelcome back. We’ve been waiting for you.

Over the past week, Tech has taken on the wonderful tempo of a new fall semester. Today, students are telling their parents farewell and moving into residence halls. We’re welcoming more than 2,100 freshmen at convocation Friday.

For me, the enthusiasm for the students’ return began last week, when more than 400 TTU faculty members, staff members and administrators got outside and worked together to beautify our grounds.

We collected 200 bags of weeds, twigs, leaves and compostable debris and filled 80 bags with litter. Working with a clean slate, we scattered the first 100 tons of mulch on freshly tidied flowerbeds and around more trees than I can count. Since that day, facilities and grounds staff members have continued the effort, adding another 100 tons of mulch at sites across campus. Their work day in and day out to maintain our beautiful campus seems a thankless job, but their constant efforts are very much appreciated.

In the midst of pulling weeds and cleaning up, we had a great time together as a campus community. Tennessee Tech employees are the heart of our campus, the ones teaching, guiding and serving our students day to day. I truly appreciate the spirit of helping and caring for Tech students that extends to getting your hands a little dirty.

We have a beautiful campus, one we hope new and returning students are proud to call home. We have dedicated faculty and staff who are serious about helping you succeed. Welcome back, everyone!

Go Eagles!

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