Portrait of President Phil Oldham wearing a face covering.

Dear students, faculty and staff,

This evening, our return to campus accelerates with students moving into residence halls. The energy and excitement associated with this has always been one of my favorite parts of the year.

As we come back together in person and in virtual environments, nothing is more important to me than everyone’s safety and health — nothing.

I appreciate that many of you have told me you realize the complexity of what it takes to make decisions in this time of turmoil. But all our campus decisions start with one clear question: How can we offer the most protection to the people who study, teach and serve on our campus?

We know that Tech provides a strong education that produces opportunities for students. Nothing we do regarding safety changes that fact.

Our Return to Tech plan is being created and managed by caring faculty and staff who know how transformative education is to students, their families and their communities.

I am grateful campus faculty leaders and other campus leaders worked together this summer to create ways to offer a traditional campus experience with tremendous flexibility. I expect our work on adapting and changing to fit students’ needs will continue throughout the semester. This is uncharted territory, and we will continue to listen to the needs of our entire campus.

Your choice to be a part of Tech at this time in your life is appreciated. You bring that talent and tenacity that the world needs. This semester will be a time to put those qualities in overdrive. And most importantly, we need to practice patience with each other and remember this pandemic has put pressure on each individual and our families.

Our Return to Tech plan is easy to find on the Tech homepage. I encourage you to spend some time reading it and let us know if you have questions.

Welcome back. Welcome home.

Wings Up,

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