Appearance matters and perceptions become reality. Just as my mother always said, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.” Whenever I visit another university, I enjoy getting up early for a run through the campus before it comes to life. You actually can get a pretty good feel for the university in the quiet of the early morning as you absorb the look and feel of the campus itself.

Research into why students select a particular university to attend consistently indicates that campus appearance is one of top reasons behind cost and academic reputation. And, of course, since cost and reputation are heavily influenced by enrollment pressure, other factors such as campus appearance become even more strategically important.

However, we realize that it is much more than that. Our campus culture and appearance is a direct reflection of our core values, mission and vision as an institution constantly reaching for excellence in everything we do. Make no mistake, Tennessee Tech makes a statement every day by the appearance of our beautiful campus, and the public pays attention to the impression we make.

On Friday, August 8, the second annual campus cleanup day has been scheduled. Last year was a tremendous success with approximately 400 campus volunteers pitching in to clean up our campus before the students returned for fall semester.  T.E.C.H.—Team Effort for a Clean House — is this year’s opportunity for TTU faculty and staff volunteers to take a short break from their normal routine, wear some work clothes, get their hands a little dirty, and enjoy this awesome community of colleagues and friends. It is our chance to collectively show pride in our campus and the statement it makes to the outside world about who we are and what we are all about. Click the video above to see last year’s fun. I hope you can join us again this year.

Go Eagles!

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