Spring has always been my favorite time of year.  I love seeing everything bloom and come back to life from the long winter nap.  The good thing about southern winters is they are usually short. Unfortunately, the groundhog lied this year with the promise of spring and warmer weather, just sort of teasing us far too long.  Spring break has already come and gone for TTU students and faculty.  So hold on tight, the annual year-end water slide officially has begun.

April is arguably the busiest and seemingly the shortest month in the academic year, filled with banquets, award ceremonies, professional meetings, and numerous other year-end events.  This is of course on top of all those research papers and major class projects we have been procrastinating about all semester. As soon as we blink once or twice we will be in the middle of final exams and looking forward to graduation, bringing an end to another successful academic year at Tennessee Tech.

As we rapidly move toward the end of this academic year, we are already making plans for next fall and welcoming the entering class of 2017!  How Starbucks Saved My Life by Michael Gates Gill has been selected as the common reading for this fall. Engaging our freshmen in conversations and critical thinking questions surrounding a common book is important to shaping our university for the future.

I encourage all of us, not just the incoming freshmen, to pick up a copy and share the common experience as a campus community.  I think you will enjoy the book and the opportunity to appreciate people and events that have made a positive difference in your own life.


Here’s to warmer weather, a beautiful spring, conclusion of a successful semester, and a heartfelt thank you to all those positive people in our lives.

Go Eagles!

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