I wanted to share with you the process Tech uses to obtain information that I use in deciding whether to close the campus. I take this decision very seriously and want to help everyone understand what information goes into reaching it.

Throughout the night, I am in constant contact with our head of facilities and our campus police chief, who serves as our campus liaison with city and county authorities. We also have regular communication and input from each college’s dean, Faculty Senate leaders and others in the university administration to ensure we have the most updated and relevant information in order to make an informed decision.

 Once I get this information about campus and the Cookeville area, the decision is made based on:

  • campus conditions
  • the ability to create safe ways to enter buildings (starting with each building’s ADA-compliant entrances)
  • information about conditions in Cookeville

The potential impact on commuters is a significant consideration, but ultimately difficult to accurately determine due to the diversity of originating locations. When we advise students and staff to use their discretion, we are letting you know that, no matter the conditions on campus and in Cookeville, you must make the final decision for yourself based on your individual circumstances.

If you do decide to exercise caution and not come to campus, know that the university has processes in place in case you feel you are being unfairly treated due to any absence due to inclement weather.

For students, if you need to miss class due to the inclement weather, contact your professor to let them know. If you think you have been unfairly penalized for the absence, the university has procedures in place (TTU Policy No. 301: TTU Student Complaint).

For employees, you need to contact your supervisor if you can’t make it to campus due to inclement weather and use the appropriate leave time. 

Throughout the day, facilities crews have been, and continue to be, hard at work clearing more areas of campus and more entrances into buildings. If you encounter any unsafe conditions, please report it to TTU facilities at 931-372-3226.

Go Eagles!

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