Not So Fast!

In case you have not heard the news, the proud 63-year-tradition of ROTC at Tennessee Tech continues! Thanks to tremendous support from Senators Alexander and Corker, Congressman Black, Governor Haslam and countless alumni and friends, the Army has reconsidered its plans to immediately close 13 ROTC units around the country including TTU. We officially will be placed on a two-year probation and be given the opportunity to prove once again that Tech is where we need to be.

This is all we have been asking—to have the chance to review the Army’s criteria, understand the expectations and strengthen our program in response. I am confident and fully committed to ensuring that ROTC remains at TTU for many years to come. I have come to know and appreciate our tremendous cadet corps even more in the past few weeks. I have no doubt they will continue to make us all proud and serve our country with honor. I applaud the Army’s change of position and commend them for doubling back and ultimately doing the right thing.

Thanks again for all your support.

For details about the Army’s plans for the next two years, please read the notice to members of Congress.

Go Eagles!

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3 comments on “Not So Fast!
  1. Dr. Jerry Allen says:

    Glad there was a reprieve. ROTC has always been and hopefully always will be an important part of TTU. I enjoyed the introduction to military life and weaponry. Many of my former high school classmates loved the marksmen training…after all we were good old boys from Putnam County. With an all volunteer force, this type of exposure can help students make up their mind without the potential on the job learning with live ammo flying at them.

  2. Tom Templeton says:

    Go Eagles,

    Is it not amazing what your voice can accomplish when you speak up for what is right. Thank you Dr. Oldham for your voice and getting others to speak to the correct people. Thanks for Senator’s Alexander and Corker, and Congressman Black support. Thanks to Gov. Haslam.

    Tom Templeton
    USAF (ret)

  3. Rob Finegan says:

    That’s the best news that I have heard in a while. Thanks.

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