Being a Tennessee Tech Graduate Student: Shree Krishna Dangal

In part three of our series "Being a Tennessee Tech Graduate Student," Shree Krishna Dangal, a recent MBA graduate from Nepal, provides his perspective. The dream that I nurtured during my undergraduate study has grown...

Being a Tennessee Tech Graduate Student: John D. Stites

The series "Being a Graduate Student at Tennessee Tech," is designed to give you insight into the perspectives of our diverse graduate student body. The second installment of our series introduces you to Mr. John...

There are only 2 types of people who go to graduate school

Being a Tennessee Tech Graduate Student: Amanda Ellis

What's it like to be a graduate student at Tennessee Tech?  We're exploring that from the student perspective.  We hope you enjoy this and the forthcoming series of posts on "Being a Tennessee Tech...

Why Tennessee Tech?

Why Tennessee Tech for Graduate Studies?

Could you use a $3000 scholarship this fall?

The Tennessee Labor Management Foundation (TLMF) Scholarship Program announces a $3000 scholarship to be awarded at the Tennessee Labor-Management Summer Conference in Nashville. Learn more and apply at  

Is Graduate School Worth it?

Graduate school can be expensive and there are many things to consider when determining whether or not it's worth it. This YouTube video from U.S. News - Education, highlights some important things to consider.

Tennessee Tech Graduate Studies Blog

Welcome to the Tennessee Tech Graduate Studies Blog.  Along with other Tennessee Tech University Blogs, we provide content and information for the Tennessee Tech community.  This blog focuses on graduate students and will include video,...