Reasons to Go Back to College

Consider these excellent reasons for why you should go back to college and start (or finish) that graduate degree you have always wanted.

Flexible And Distance Learning Are More Common and Accepted

Most reputable universities now offer classes or full degrees online. Night classes or hybrid programs (that are partially online and partially on campus) are also very common, and so there is likely some arrangement that can accommodate your busy schedule.  TTU offers many programs online including our MBA, PSM in Environmental Informatics and PSM in Manufacturing Sustainability, MPS in Healthcare Administration, MS in Computer Science, and MS in Sports Management.

You Want a Promotion

In today’s world, college degrees are simply necessary for many job opportunities, and there might come a time when your current education level prevents you from climbing the corporate ladder any further. For example, if you really want a promotion to a position that requires a college degree, you will need to go back to college in order to advance your career. Many companies are willing to pay partly or in full for the continuing education of their employees.

You Want to Change Careers

Another excellent reason to go back to college is if you want to change careers. Wanting to work in a different field and occupation can be an extremely smart career move that can result in you having a higher income and better job satisfaction. Life’s just too short to be stuck doing something you don’t enjoy. If you really want to pursue your dream, getting the right education to be hired into your new field is essential, as are any transferable skills and experiences you’ve had in your career, because that’s what you’ll have to focus on to catch an employer’s attention.

You Want an Advanced Degree

If the career you have in mind generally requires an advanced degree, then at some point you will have to make the leap to go back to college. This can be very difficult if you’ve been out in the workforce for a while to save up money after graduating with your bachelor’s degree, but if your heart’s set on becoming a doctor or a college professor, you’re going to have to take that plunge eventually. If this is truly the path you want in life, you won’t regret shooting for higher things.

Many Professors are Accommodating

Professors want to see you learn and succeed. So don’t be tepid about going back to college because you’re afraid your life will get in the way of your learning and the college won’t be understanding. Professors are usually willing to grant exceptions and extensions for students who work or have children, so long as you are making an effort and do complete the work. All you have to do is ask. Colleges also have many support programs for graduate students.

Bottom Line

Make no mistake, going back to college is a major decision to make. But in many cases it is the right one, and you have a lot of allies to help you make it through. Between more prevalent convenient learning options, schools and professors being accommodating and companies that want to invest in their employees, it’s a more obtainable goal than ever. So be sure to explore your options and make the best choice for your future.

 Source:  Lizzie Weakley and