Cohen’s Research Results in Three Published Articles in Three Months


Among Dr. Bradley Cohen’s many research accomplishments, he can add three published journal articles in the past three months! Cohen, associate professor of Biology, currently has nine active grants with cumulative value, thus far, of over $2 million. Granting agencies include U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, Ducks Unlimited – Canada, Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, and Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. At one point recently, he had eleven active grants. With all of this research, he still manages to teach students from undergraduate through Ph.D. Many of his students obtain first-hand experience working with him these projects.

Cohen’s most recently published articles include:

  • Blake-Bradshaw, A. G., N. M. Masto, C. J. Highway, A. C. Keever, J. C. Feddersen, H. M. Hagy, and B. S. Cohen. 2023. Influence of sanctuary disturbance, weather, and landscape characteristics on waterfowl hunter harvest opportunity. Journal of Wildlife Management.
  • Teitelbaum, C. S., N. M. Matso, J. D. Sullivan, A. C. Keever, R. L. Poulson, D. L. Carter, A. G. Blake-Bradshaw, C. J. Highway, J. C. Feddersen, H. M. Hagy, R. W. Gerhold, B. S. Cohen, and D. J. Prosser. 2023. North American mallards naturally infected with highly pathogenic avian influenza show few signs of altered local or migratory movements. Scientific Reports.
  • Nelson, S. D., A. C. Keever, P. H. Wightman, N. W. Bakner, B. A. Collier, M. J. Chamberlain, and B. S. Cohen. 2023. Age-based shifts in habitat selection of wild turkey broods. Journal of Wildlife Management.

Wings up, Dr. Cohen, for bringing research dollars to Tennessee Tech and getting your students involved!