Cohen’s Research Part of Permanent Exhibit at Discovery Park of America


Dr. Brad Cohen (Biology) and his students contributed their research to the recently opened permanent exhibit “Duck, Duck, Goose” at The Discovery Park of America in Union City, Tennessee. This exhibition explores the history of waterfowl conservation and biology.

Dr. Cohen’s lab research is one of the focal points of the exhibit that portion explores how Tennessee Tech students and research contribute to the understanding and management of these dynamic ducks. Dr. Cohen (pictured center) and two of his graduate students (Nick Masto on the left and Cory Highway on the left) recently attended the grand opening and are pictured in front of their portion of the exhibit.

The Discovery Park welcomes an average of 250,000 visitors annually and Cohen’s lab research will expand the impact of their research to all those who visit. This is a link for more details on the exhibition: