Tennessee Tech Student Interns for U.S. Representatives Rose


Washington, DC—Last week, United States Rep. John Rose (TN-06), a ’98 graduate of TTU, welcomed an impressive group of summer interns for 2023. Cameron Legge and two other interns from Tennessee will assist in constituent services, capitol tours, issues research, and more while working in the Congressman’s Washington, DC, office.   

Cameron Legge will graduate next year with a major in Political Science. He was recently elected the President of the Associate Scholar’s Guild (ASG) and will also serve as Deputy Chief of Staff for next school year’s Student Government Association (SGA).   

“It’s an honor to serve our nation and Tennesseans this summer in Representative Rose’s office in Washington DC,” said Legge. “I am excited to get to work and to gain valuable information and insight that will better prepare me for my roles in ASG and SGA to make for a better student experience at TTU.” 

Students interested in interning in Rep. Rose’s Washington D.C. or Tennessee offices may apply here.