Dr. Erin Hoover Publishes Second Collection of Poetry


Erin Hoover (Department of English @tntechenglish ) recently published a second poetry collection, “No Spare People,” to critical acclaim. The book’s publisher is Black Lawrence Press.

Cate Marvin wrote, “Erin Hoover’s second collection, No Spare People, recalls to me the sobering effect of encountering Adrienne Rich’s work in the late ’80s. These poems deal in reality, eschewing the fantastic … This is a deeply intellectual and expertly wrought collection.”

Poet Kaveh Akbar wrote, “These are hard poems in that they press far past the facile reductive binaries of good and evil, savior and saved, and into something—a lyric, a voice—that feels a little more complicated, a little more like our own world.”

You can find more about Erin at www.tntech.edu/cas/english or www.erinhooverpoet.com.