Tech cybersecurity student from Japan finds leadership, internship opportunities


Rumi Ujiie’s educational story has many chapters.

The Tennessee Tech grad student from Japan grew interested in computer science after being introduced to web application development her sophomore year at Komazawa University in Tokyo. Her story as a Golden Eagle started in 2018 when she came her junior year as an exchange student.

“I feel like Tennessee Tech is so diverse,” she said. “The people are so nice, and there’s always help when you need it.”

Since returning to Tech to pursue her graduate studies in 2021, Ujiie has served as a teaching assistant, researcher for CEROC and president of the Computer Science Graduate Student Club. In early 2022, she received the Kandy Thevar International Graduate Student Scholarship, which is awarded annually to an international student in the College of Engineering. A new chapter in her story was written this past summer – an internship at AllianceBernstein in Nashville. Read more