Earth Science Presents at the Geological Society of America Conference


Nine students and two faculty members from the department of Earth Science attended the 2022 Geological Society of America Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, April 7-9. Two students, Billy Clanton and Sydney Beltran, received URECA! Travel grants to attend the conference. Other students raised funds through the GeoClub to fund their travel.

Billy Clanton presented his senior thesis research on the Fort Payne Formation, a rock unit that outcrops near Celina, TN. Billy will attend graduate school at the University of Southern Mississippi this fall. Sydney Beltran presented her senior thesis research on alluvial fans and deltas in Norway. These features are Earth-based analogs for similar structures on Mars. Sydney received a Creative Inquiry Summer Experience award to continue her research this summer.

Dr. Bhattacharya presented results from his postdoctoral research on the Indus Basin which record evidence of a tectonic collision between the Indian and Asian plates. He will return to TTU as an Assistant Professor in Earth Sciences this fall.