Get ready for the Eagle Works Maker Challenge Thursday 10/6!


You’re on a road trip and heading through the woods. There’s a river you have to cross, but the bridge has disappeared! You’ve got a pile of materials to work with to figure out a way to get across – can you do it?

Your problem for this year’s Maker Challenge won’t be that, but it’s an example of what you’ll need to do! We’ll start you off with sharing the scenario at 5:10. You’ll get some time while you eat (food provided!) to get into a team (interdisciplinary teams encouraged!) and get creative thinking about a solution. At 5:30 materials will be available to put together a mock-up of your idea, and you’ll have an hour to get that done before all teams present their creation for a chance at prizes in different categories!

We’ll have giveaways throughout the evening, and free t-shirts for everyone whose team presents.

Join us in the Tech Pride Room at 5 p.m. on Thursday, October 6!

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