Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Pedro Arce Promotes “New Type of Engineer”


Rural Reimagined congratulates Chemical Engineering professor Dr. Pedro Arce for promoting the development of the “New Type of Engineer:” Holistic, Innovative, Social, Impactful, and with an Entrepreneurial Mindset. Dr. Arce has dedicated the bulk of his career to identifying the best practices, models, and guidelines to assist in transforming the traditional engineering curriculum with the goal of forming new facilitators of learning, effectively leading to the new type of engineer. Rural Reimagined congratulates his effort, along with the College of Engineering, to develop interest in offering various opportunities for students to grow through entrepreneurial mindset programs within both the university sector and our surrounding rural areas. Wings up! For the full story, visit https://www.tntech.edu/grand-challenge/news/articles/20210609-arce-successtory-newtypeofengineer.php.