5 Ways to Stay Motivated During a College Summer Class

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For most college students, summer is a welcome break from attending classes, studying for exams, and finishing homework assignments. With often beautiful weather and a plethora of available activities, sitting in a classroom during the summer months is likely unappealing. Yet some college students are choosing to sign up for summer classes. Summer classes allow you to get ahead on your required classes or simply to learn more about a subject of interest. Ways to stay motivated during a college summer class include keeping a schedule, settling into a routine, and finding a reliable study space.

If you’ve signed up for a summer class and are looking to stay engaged, keep reading to learn five ways to stay motivated during a college summer class.

1. Stay motivated during a college summer class by creating a calendar

You may be used to keeping your school schedule in a planner or on a digital calendar during a regular semester course. Doing so is a great way to keep track of all your assignments, exams, and other important information about your classes.

Make it a point to keep up this good habit during the summer semester. It can be especially helpful to do so this time of year because class meetings, assignments, and exams tend to be spaced more closely together during summer classes compared to the rest of the school year. You might want to sit down every Sunday evening, for example, to review your week’s plan and make sure you’re on top of all requirements.

2. Stay motivated during a college summer class by scheduling homework time

Just as it can help to schedule your class assignments, tests, and meetings, it can also be beneficial to use your planner or calendar to schedule time to do your homework. When it comes to getting homework done, it’s usually best to space it out over a few days. Doing so will help you avoid a homework rush before your next class. It can also help you to more easily divide your time between summertime learning and fun. Getting into a good homework routine can benefit your summer school routine overall, helping you better absorb what you’re learning in class.

3. Stay motivated during a college summer class by settling into a routine

While it’s tempting to skip your classes and spend time outside, it’s important to treat your summer class just as you would a class during a regular college semester. To motivate yourself to go to class, make sure you’re feeling your best. You can ensure this by doing the following:

  • Go to bed at a reasonable hour, and wake up around the same time each weekday morning

  • Eat healthily, drink lots of water, and exercise each day

Make it a priority to balance time spent in class and studying with time having fun, relaxing, and enjoying the summer.

4. Stay motivated during a college summer class by finding a reliable study spot

During the summer, campus might feel like a bit of a ghost town. It’s important to find a study space that’s exciting enough that it motivates you to study during the summer, but not so exciting that it distracts you from the task at hand. Create your perfect spot at home by setting up a desk at a quiet place by a window. On campus, seek indoor working spaces that have outdoor access, or at the very least, an outdoor view. Find a friend who might join you in a study session at the library or a coffee shop, where you can both do schoolwork.

5. Stay motivated during a college summer class by taking time to recharge

Spending some time enjoying your summer is a great reward for staying focused on your summer classes. Doing so can rest and recharge your body so you’re motivated to study hard and succeed in your classes. As mentioned previously, scheduling time for studying and time for fun summer activities can help you stay on top of your classes while also giving you time to enjoy your summer.

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