What To Do While You’re Waiting for Your Grad School

So, you’ve requested your recommendations and your transcripts, taken your entrance exams, written your essays, and sent in your application forms. What do you do now?

Don’t be caught short!

Probably the most important thing is to double-check everything. You should call all of the schools to which you applied and verify that all pieces of your application have arrived successfully and are being reviewed. While this may seem overly cautious, too often an application is delayed because one piece or another was never sent. For example, a professor may have forgotten to send along a recommendation or transcripts may have arrived at the wrong place.

Don’t let your application fall victim to such an accident. Be proactive.

Be prepared

Although interviews are not common with all graduate programs, a few may require them. If this is the case, make sure to find out what is required of you, and be prepared to impress the committee with your passion for your field, your reasons for pursuing a graduate degree, and your qualifications.

Fill out some more forms

Another productive thing you can do while waiting is to consider your finances and fill out your financial aid forms. Knowing what funds you have available and what you can afford will help you weigh the offers from various schools when they arrive.

Visit again (or for the first time)

Many people take the opportunity to visit the schools they are considering while their applications are being processed. This may provide you with the opportunity to make an impression on the faculty. If nothing else, it will provide you with the chance to consider the school again and help you prepare to make a decision when you receive the responses to your applications.

Buy a Chia pet and watch it grow

Caring for a fake pet will no doubt relax you and give you a friend to confide in while you’re stressing about the results. Just don’t desert him after you’re accepted. Chia pets need sustained love and care.

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