How to Write a Perfect Essay

An expert in essay writing goes beyond inspiration to the convention of formulaic techniques and adherence to criteria in laying out the format besides having a good command of English. The correct structure helps in navigating the plethora of ideas and also makes readers identify accurate relevant information. Thus, a student when writing a perfect essay should ensure that it has a proper structure and relevant information.

What to consider before writing an essay

Choose a topic: Writers should make sure that they select relevant topics that answer questions in the correct form of argument that interests the reader. The topic does not only gives the subject of the essay but, it goes to the extent of elaborating the position that a student takes on the issue through an expression of the views about the subject in discussion.

Presentation of the relevant questions to answer: Perfect essays should present the issues that the essay answers. In most cases, essay questions come in the form of instructions that come in directive words. For example, ‘compare and contrast,’ ‘outline’ and ‘discuss’ among others.

Right format: Thirdly, authors should provide a well-thought presentation format that an essay should have. Students who aspire to present best essays should think and draft the best formats and presentations for their essays. Essays might have brilliant contents and logical structures. However, the general appearance welcomes the reader or gives the reader a wrong impression. Goods essays should have the same format throughout with same spacing, neatness, and organization among others.

Content: Student should plan well on the relevant content to include. Thus, it is important to cling on the reliable sources, quotes, and evidence to be used in organizing the whole essay to ensure that all the information is available to provide the essay is flawless.

Depth: The writers focus on depth in through initiation of thought provoking ideas or informative ideas that give new information to the readers.

How to start an essay: Tips on how to start an essay

The beginning of an essay should have an introductory paragraph that motivates and informs the reader on what the essay is about as well as hooking the reader to it.

Use of hook: the introduction of essays normally has a hook that attracts a reader. For example, “Should the state legalize marijuana?” 

Writers should also use statistic to attract the reader. For example, an essay about obesity in college can have a research-based statement such as “About three in seven college students suffer from obesity.”

Students use an anecdote to draw the attention of readers. For example, an essay on experience as a single parent would have, “Irrespective of her unemployment status, James was striving to make ends meet while taking care of his children after divorcing his wife, Jenifer.” 

Authors sometimes directly use a short thesis to start off an essay or use the argument as a revelation of a topic. For example, “The time has come to deliver the verdict on truth. Justice is not about favors but telling the truth.” Or “I have discovered the difference between real people and ill mannered people. The difference is moral. Real people are morally upright.”

A writer invites a reader through the use of the description of a setup or a place. For example, The soaking morning in Guantanamo Bay Cuba with minimal sun rays along the high walls in the ‘tenement’ yard was not a good day. The condemned cells cold beyond my imagination could not attract any numb. Every cell only allowed a distant faint light as the grill doors opened. The green saloon car appeared at the parking yard. Well, it was a goodbye for some inmates. You could read on each person’s face on the parade glued at the presence of the head cop who was reading the red file of condemned men ready to be hanged in the next day. It was the judgment day Colin my inmate friend.

How to write a perfect essay outline

Introduction: the introductory part of an essay has a hook sentence that attracts the reader followed by a thesis statement that comes at the end of the opening paragraph.

Body: The body of an essay should have at least three points on the topic expressed in different sections. The main point forms the first paragraph with three supporting pieces of evidence written in three sentences. Lastly, the paragraph ends with a transition sentence or a summary of the point. The second point forms the second paragraph of the body with three shreds of evidence supporting the second point. A transition sentence then follows to connect it with the third paragraph. Lastly, the third main point becomes the third paragraph with three pieces of evidence supporting the point in different sentences.

Conclusion: the conclusion is usually the restatement of the thesis statement and summary of the most important points within the body. However, at the very end, the student gives an insightful sentence that marks the end of the essay.

How to write a perfect thesis

When writing a thesis statement, students should consider whether an essay is analytical, expository, or argumentative among others. Therefore, a thesis should be specific. Secondly, the thesis statement should appear at the end of the first paragraph of the essay and should reflect on the ideas discussed in the body of the essay. Therefore, stronger thesis answers the question or argument and takes the position that is a challenge or opposes. Also, the thesis should be specific and passes the so what, how and why questions as well as supported by the essay.

How to write an introduction

Writing an introduction requires attention grabber especially a hook. The hook is then followed by a sentence or two that helps the reader connect to the thesis statement and at the end of the introduction, the author should write a thesis statement.

How to write body paragraph: Tips on body writing


  • Students should write down the main points in sentence form.
  • Next, the student should note down all the supporting evidence to the central point in separate sentences.
  • Provide more notes on the point elaborating specifically or explaining the main arguments or discussion.
  • Include a summary for each paragraph.
  • Write down transition sentences for each paragraph to ensure coherency.


How to finish an essay: Tips on conclusion writing

  • When concluding an essay, students should provide a brief synthesize but not summarize the main points and ideas of the essay
  • The student should answer the “So what?” question and elaborate the importance of the essay.
  • The author should provide direction or redirect the reader especially becoming distinct from general if the essay was specific to general.
  • The author should challenge the reader by providing an informed conclusion or posing a question.
  • The writer can as well suggest results or consequence at the conclusion.

Tips on revision

Perfect essays need to go through review before handing it over to the instructor.

  • The best way to revise an essay is to read the draft aloud twice and correct the mistakes.
  • Secondly, give a friend to go through it and identify specific errors and provide clarity on the content, error and any other comments regarding the essay.
  • Also, it would be useful to use a spell-check, grammar check and editing techniques before presenting the work.
  • Besides, it is important to keep a simple format with recommended spacing, the correct fonts and any other instructions regarding formatting that are elaborated in the instruction.

Perfect essay example: National Honor Society

The NHS aims to honor exceptional performance among the high school students as well as distinguishing various students who have greater achievement in the fields of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Currently, the NHS has more than 1000 chapters aimed at stimulating the need for offering services. Also, the develop enthusiasm for scholarship and establishment of good leadership characters among high school students. The head of NHS is Dr. Edward Rynearson. I am grateful to be among the students who are considered for the NHS and has contributed immensely to the development of my career. Thus, I feel obliged to be part of the greater society and ready to play a role in leadership and change in all my endeavors that bring about positivity at large.

Joining NHS has not been a walk in the park. NHS has well-established rules and standards for selecting candidates who wish to join it. The NHS normally has an informal meeting where all the qualified candidates complete all the Student Activity Information Form from the National Organization. A student has to score A grade of 93 on weighted average apart from giving information regarding the need for scholarship, character, service, and leadership. Besides, the selected students should demonstrate high levels of discipline, service, ability to lead, talents to be used for improvement in the society and honor.

First and foremost, I am ready to use my powers to help others improve their abilities. Currently, I am striving to prove myself worth and become a good example as well mentor to students who need help, especially in high school. My leadership in school has played a bigger role in my family and my life. Specifically, my siblings are looking into all my daily undertaking and borrow a leaf from every aspect of life a get involved. At the moment I chair numerous youth groups including lock-ins, variety shows, church choirs and debating clubs. I have a firm belief that such leadership aspects mold my skills of inclusivity as well as making me developing the best ways of dealing with different people in the society.

Secondly, my colleagues enjoy my company because I am a good role model. I continue to engage in various activities that NHS offers have been of great importance especially in developing my intuition, communication skills as well as counseling. Consequently, I hold numerous discussions with my colleagues on skill development, career choices as well as best ways of spending leisure times.

In a nutshell, NHS is essential for the development of an individual and the society as a whole. Also, the various activities that students engage in shape the mind of a person to face the life in the form of leadership, assisting people as well as in the making right decisions hence it is a way of ensuring that student develops in all aspects besides their career.

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