5 Ways to Keep in Touch Over the Summer

Whether you’re traveling the world, working at summer camp or hanging out in your hometown, being separated from your best friends for three months gets old fast. Facebook and Snapchat are great for keeping up with each other’s shenanigans from a distance, but that can get stale after a while.

Mix it up with these five methods of communication.

Send a postcard
Whether you buy it at a destination gift shop or the gas station on the corner, your friends will be pleasantly surprised to receive snail mail from you. You can also make your own cards out of cardstock and print or draw pictures on them. Best of all, postcard stamps are only 34 cents!

Send other random objects

Speaking of snail mail, it’s good for more than postcards and envelopes. You can mail just about any self-contained item under 13 ounces with postage stamps! That includes pillows, potatoes, flip flops, coconuts, packaged treats, random hats and spatulas. Go crazy and surprise your friends!

Build a shared playlist
Some of the catchiest music of the year comes out during summer, which stinks if you usually listen to the latest tunes with your music-loving pals. During the summer, create a playlist with your friends of your favorite old and new songs so that you can jam together even from different places.

Share an online activity
The internet is a nearly-infinite source of bonding and entertainment; all you have to do is find something you like doing together. You can binge-watch the same Netflix series while Snapchatting back and forth, have a book club over Google Hangouts, play video games together, share a secret Pinterest board full of Ryan Gosling memes or test out new recipes while listening to the same indie playlists or stand up comedians on Youtube. It will give you something to talk about when school starts back up and might be the foundation for your new favorite hobby.

Set a goal
Summer break is a great time to build a new habit and try the things you’ve been putting off. Just because your friends are far away doesn’t mean that you have to go it alone! Whether you’re trying to improve your mile time, learn to crochet or lose weight, invite your friends to strive for success with you. They’ll make great accountability partners, and it will give you an excuse to pester them keep in touch!

The summer holiday will be over before you know it, and the gang will be back together complaining about homework and longing for freedom. Enjoy the break with your friends, whether they’re down the hall or across the globe.