Externally sponsored award winners from May:

    • Sakir Ayik: S. Department of Energy
    • Julie Baker: S. Department of Education via Tennessee Department of Education
    • Maanak Gupta and Sheikh Ghafoor (Co-PI): National Science Foundation
    • Mary Kidd, Kaitlyn Kidwell (Co-PI), Emma Mitchell (Co-PI), and Halle Ford (Co-PI): Private Funder
    • Mustafa Rajabali: S. Department of Energy
    • Rory Roberts: S. Department of Energy via HyperTech
    • Daniel VandenBerge: Private Funder
    • Fred Vondra and Ismail Fidan (Co-PI): Private Funder


    Liqun Zhang: National Science Foundation via LiBama

Visit https://www.tntech.edu/research/reports/grants-awarded.php.

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