Undergraduate STEM Research Seminar: Ryan Colon and Kaitlyn Kidwell


The Undergraduate STEM Research Seminar is returning this week in a virtual format, and will feature TTU Electrical Engineering Major Ryan Colon and TTU Physics Major Kaitlyn Kidwell. Ryan will discuss his work enhancing the capabilities of a robotic arm designed for mapping the magnetic field in a magneto-gravitational neutron “bottle”. Kaitlyn will describe how she learned to analyze data from the Las Cumbres Observatory to determine the distance to a typical “standard candle” RR Lyrae star. The seminar will be this Friday, April 24th, at 3pm, and is geared for undergraduates from any STEM major, but graduate students and faculty are also encouraged to attend! Visit the seminar webpage (or contact Dr. Holley at aholley@tntech.edu) for connection information to the Zoom session.