Undergraduate STEM Research Seminar: Presentation of Senior Physics Projects


In the final Undergraduate STEM Research Seminar of the semester, Alex and Zach Chaney will give a talk on their senior physics research. The work involves a study of beam-driven neutron production via computer simulation, and will be of interest not only to computer science and physics majors, but also to folks studying a wide variety of subjects since neutron sources are used in many fields: manufacturing, medicine, geology, and materials science to name a few. The seminar will be this Friday, May 1st, at 3pm, and is geared for undergraduates from any STEM major, but graduate students and faculty are also encouraged to attend! Visit the seminar webpage (or contact Dr. Holley at aholley@tntech.edu) for connection information to the Zoom session, which will be the same as for last week’s seminar.