TN Tech Alum Spotlight on Behalf of Rural Reimagined: Jordan Hughett and Rugby


After partnering with Rugby, a Victorian village founded in 1880, Rural Reimagined and the Center for Rural Innovation feature alum Jordan Hughett for his success and continuing work at Rugby.  Jordan graduated with a History and Education Bachelor’s in 2019 and states, “I have loved history since I was a small child, and history, music, and faith are the cornerstones of my life.” After earning a fellowship playing banjo to travel and meet other ballad singers, Jordan played music at Historic Rugby events. He says, “music there allowed me to meet the people who lived in the village who would later be colleagues and friends.” Jordan spent a summer working at Rugby, connecting history, music, and faith to it. He continues as Rugby’s Development Associate and states, “I love being able to take the story of Rugby and present it to people in a way that they can find interesting.” Wings up, Jordan! For information on Rugby opportunities, contact Kinsey Potter at