TBR Student Engagement, Retention, and Success (SERS) Call for Proposals


The TBR recently released a Call for Proposals for the 2020-2021 TBR Student Engagement, Retention, and Success (SERS) initiative. Anyone planning to apply should complete a Notice of Intent to Submit Proposal (found on the Office of Research website Forms page) ASAP. All proposal narratives must be submitted to research@tntech.edu by noon, Monday, May 11, to ensure there is time for the required Counsel review.

SERS grants are available for new or existing campus services or programs that target underserved student populations, including, but not limited to, students of color, low-income students, adults, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and traditionally underrepresented genders by discipline/CTE program. Maximum funding levels for both pilot programs and program enhancements is $50,000.

For more information, contact Jamie Murdock at jlmurdock@tntech.edu.