Congratulations to those who earned externally funded awards in March


The following individuals earned externally funded awards last month:

    • Indranil Bhattacharya (PI) and Joseph Biernacki (Co-PI): National Science Foundation


    • Glenn Cunningham (PI) and Ethan Languri (Co-PI): U.S. Department of Energy


    • Dennis Fennewald (PI): Private Funder


    • Gail Gentry (PI): Tennessee Arts Commission


    • Sheikh Ghafoor (PI): Oak Ridge National Laboratory


    • Alfred Kalyanapu (PI) and Sheikh Ghafoor (Co-PI): U.S. Department of Defense (via ORNL)


    • Kevin Liska (PI) and Julie Brewer (Co-PI): ALMMII LIFT


    • Vahid Motevalli (PI) and Darek Potter (Co-PI): U.S. Department of Transportation (via University of Florida Transportation Institute)


    • Anthony Paradis (PI) and Samantha Hutson (Co-PI): Private Funder


    • Andy Pardue (PI): Private Funder


    • Amanda Powell (PI) and Kevin Liska (Co-PI): Tennessee Department of Health


    Ying Zhang (PI): Private Funder

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