Effective May 1, 2020, TN Tech policy 803 Email Use was published. The purpose of this policy is not only to detail the appropriate usage of University email but also to add an additional layer of security to help protect the privacy of our students, employees, and University data. Specifically, this policy prohibits the “bulk forwarding of *tntech.edu emails to personal or private email addresses”

Examples of Violation

Creating a rule that sends your tntech.edu emails to another organization or to a personal address.

Forwarding student worker emails to a student email or vice versa.


Managers may request to have the email for individuals in certain job roles who have left the University or have retired to be forwarded to another email within the University.

Please note that all email forwarding rules violating this policy will be removed on 7/30/2020.

For clarification or questions, please contact the Information Security Office at ociso@tntech.edu.