We have good news! For those students on a meal plan – you will receive a free reusable to-go container that can be used in The Caf. We will be handing out tokens outside of The Caf on Thursday and Friday from 12PM to 3PM. The containers are part of a sustainable program called OZZI, that Dining Services has implemented on campus! The way it works is that each student on a meal plan will receive a token for 1 green reusable to-go container. The first time you want to use your container you will bring that token to the front cashiers when you swipe into The Caf and you will receive a clean and sanitized reusable container for you to take your food to go. After you enjoy your meal you will then dispose of any leftover food and bring the container back to deposit it in the new OZZI machine located outside of The Caf. Once you have deposited your dirty container you will receive a new token and the process begins again. It’s that simple! Don’t have a meal plan but still want to be sustainable? Don’t worry, you can purchase a container for $5 in the Dining Services office! Be on the lookout for an informational video on Dining Services social media accounts @tntech_dining

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