The TTU Food Pantry is happy to announce that we have partnered with the Volpe Library to host an auxiliary pantry on campus. The auxiliary pantry will be open any time the library is open, thus allowing students and employees extended access to food when they have emergency situations. “What is an example of an emergency situation?” you might ask:
• If you are not certain where your next meal is going to come from
• If you cannot afford proper nutrition for yourself or your family
• If you are living in your car and do not have access to simple items such as can openers, microwaves, stoves
Library Hours: M – TR from 7am – 12am, Fri. from 7am – 6pm, Sat. from 10am – 6pm and Sun. from 1pm – 12am
Main Food Pantry Hours: M – TR from 8am – 5pm | Located inTech Village
***Please share this information with anyone you run across that you think may be food insecure***

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