Grant Spotlight: Holistic Foundry Undergraduate Engaged Learners (FUEL) Program


Rural Reimagined (RR) congratulates PIs and Co-Directors Dr. Andrea Arce-Trigatti, Dr. Stephanie N. Jorgensen, Mr. Michael Aikens, Dr. J. Robby Sanders, Dr. Pedro E. Arce for receiving the Holistic Foundry Undergraduate Engaged Learners (FUEL) program grant. The FUEL program uses the Renaissance Foundry, an innovation-driven pedagogical engine, coupled with RR to allow students to transform learning with skills of holistic engineers. Program objectives align with RR, with the expectation that research projects will have ties to participants’ hometowns via outreach activities in partnership with Mr. Carlos Galindo and the Science Olympiad Collegiate Scholars program. Regarding the FUEL program, Dr. Arce-Trigatti states, “We are very excited about the implementation of the program and the anticipated positive impacts that it will have on student engagement, retention, and success.” Wings up! View the story here: