On Friday, March 20 beginning at 7 a.m., campus-wide tornado warning testing will begin.  Testing of this system will mean that individuals on campus will hear multiple cycles of the tornado warning messages and the all clear messages throughout buildings on campus.  This testing is necessary to diagnose issues with the alarm system and to ensure that the emergency notification systems we have in place are all properly functioning.  Testing is expected to last at least half a day and possibly longer.  During this time period, you will hear various alarms and/or sirens as well as the public address announcements advising you to seek shelter in your building, followed by all clear notifications.

No tornadoes are expected during this time period.  You will not be expected to follow these directions during this testing period.  Should the forecast change and severe weather be predicted for our area, we will reschedule the test date and notify all building coordinators.

University Police apologizes in advance for any frustration the testing period may cause.  This date and time was selected hoping to minimize the effect on our campus community.