Nikki Desch, Adjunct Faculty in Dept. of Exercise Science will receive The Impact People Award, Richmond, VA, April 26, 2020, a master black belt humanities award, for Empowering Women, Teaching leadership and respect to others to all races. Master of Humanity Belt (6th degree Black Belt) stands for life and peace and promoting good will in martial Arts, Women Violence Abuse Programs, and Up Lifting and Empowering Women. Nikki has been an instructor in the Exercise Science department since January 2010. She teaches Self-Defense for Women, Samurai Sword, Tai Chi/Qigong, Kick Boxing and Kempojutsu. She has studied martial arts in the United States and Asia for over thirty years with extensive experience as instructor, coach, judge and competitor. Nikki is a certified Black Belt; Okinawan Karate, Japanese Karate, Chen Tai Chi Senior Instructor. In 2014 she received “Global Impact Woman of the Year” for the Martial Artists Award.”