College of Business announces inaugural Career Ready Advocate Award winners!


The College of Business is pleased to announce the recipients of its inaugural Career Ready Advocate Award! Students were given the opportunity to nominate the faculty, staff, and community partners who not only exemplify career readiness themselves, but who also foster career ready skills in others.

Faculty Winner: Dr. Ann Davis

“Dr. Davis is a gifted educator, a genuine mentor,⁠ and a selfless leader. She truly goes above and beyond to ensure success to each and every student who desires to do exceptionally well. She had logically helped me solve issues I have faced throughout my college career. She has provided me with networking connections and communications. She is a true leader, and she inspires many to follow in her leadership.”⁠

Staff Winner: Mrs. Brandi Lovin

“She is not only a great advisor, but a great teacher. She made my start in college really smooth and fun. She was very easy to talk to and have her there when I needed help.⁠ Definitely made a positive view of college and I’m excited for the future at Tech.”⁠

Community Winner: First Lady Kari Oldham

“Kari Oldham is a leader by example. She has shown me how to approach situations with grace and in a professional manner. Kari cares for the success of each TTU student, and I am certain she is leading each of us in that direction.”