Did you used to sing in choir in high school? Do you sing in your current church choir? Are you the star of your own personal concerts in the shower? Do you need to complete your schedule with a one credit class? The TTU Choral Department is currently seeking new students to join the TTU Concert Choir. Concert Choir is a class that can be taken for 1 or 0 credits. There is no prior experience or audition required. This class is for people who enjoy singing, would like the opportunity to sing with other people, and to build more confidence and strength in their singing voice. Concert Choir meets MWF from 2:30-3:25pm. The course number is MUS1070-001 (1 credit) and counts as an elective. If you are concerned that the one credit will not be covered by financial aid because it is not a part of your degree program, you can choose the zero credit section; MUS1060-002 (zero credit). The grade will show on your transcript, but will not count into your GPA. Best of all, you don’t pay for a zero credit class. Dr. Craig Zamer is the conductor of the TTU Concert Choir. Please contact him with any questions: czamer@tntech.edu. We hope you will consider joining choir this spring!