As the Centennial approaches, Tech is planning for its next 100 years. Here are a few of the major initiatives to come in the next decade. These pages are an overview of current plans. For more information, visit www.tntech.edu/flightplan

An Expanded Campus

Two major buildings are planned: a 150,000- square-foot science building housing chemistry and part of biology, and a student recreation and fitness center.

The science building will go between the engineering complex and Capitol Quad. It will connect a new academic quad to the historic quad.

Approved by a student vote, the new student recreation and fitness center will have expanded recreation facilities, inside and out. Plans call for construction at Willow Avenue and 7th Street.


A Greener Campus

A more verdant campus is one of the biggest changes.

Parking will move to campus’ outer ring. A shuttle service will be implemented. Green medians and islands will be placed along roads and in parking lots. The Derryberry Hall parking lot will become a drop-off location and Presidential Lawn.

Many of the roads that cut through campus will be made more friendly to pedestrians and bikers.


A Modernized Campus

Other areas will be altered to commemorate the Centennial and to improve the student experience.

South Patio will be renovated to become Centennial Plaza. A bell tower and a fountain will be built elsewhere on campus. Roaden University Center will be expanded. Renovations to the historic quad’s buildings are ongoing.

West Stadium will be razed and rebuilt to include nearby tailgate areas, and East Stadium will be renovated.


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