Tech Times changes

Thanks for helping to make Tech Times the primary place to learn what is going on at Tech. To all those who have provided feedback, thank you. We’ve been listening and will be making some changes.

The Tech Times email will be sent out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only.

The email’s format will also be updated in order to highlight new information. All new posts will be at the top of the email to highlight them for the campus community, regardless of category, with the university’s event calendar (powered by and a collection of reminder links underneath.

The Tech Times blog ( will remain largely unchanged and is still the primary place to go for the latest information about campus events, student organizations, and announcements. This is where submissions first appear and is a great way to let campus know about what is going on.

Submission deadlines remain noon the business day prior to a Tech Times email being sent.

  • Mondays: must be submitted prior to noon on Friday
  • Wednesdays: must be submitted prior to noon on Tuesday
  • Thursdays: must be submitted prior to noon on Wednesday
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