Tech Fall 2019 enrollment holds steady

Tech’s Fall 2019 enrollment on Census Day (14th day of classes) was 10,140. This is the total headcount enrollment, including 8,957 undergraduate and 1,183 graduate students.

Enrollment held steady from last year, with a 0.5% drop in headcount (46 students), and only a 0.3% drop in FTE (27 students).

Looking at the daily percentage change in students over the final three weeks before the census, Tech did the same or better almost every day. As a result, Tech saw an increase of 263 students over that 15-day period, compared to 92 students in the same time frame last year. The fall enrollment also bested the university’s enrollment projection for budgeting purposes and the preliminary estimate released after the start of classes.

“This is a testament to the hard work of the staff of Enrollment Management, the Business Office, and individual departments in working with students to help ensure their continued enrollment,” said President Phil Oldham.

The largest college at Tech continues to be the College of Engineering, with nearly 27% of total enrollment. Engineering is also the largest undergraduate college, and has the second-largest number of graduate students.

The College of Education has the largest number of graduate students, at more than 33% of that total population, and is the second-largest college in both total enrollment and undergraduate students.

This fall saw a 9.8% increase in doctoral students, bringing that total to 191 and positioning the university well in maintaining the requirements of its Carnegie Classification as a doctoral university with high research activity.

Transfer student enrollment saw an increase over last year, reaching 767 students. The College of Education saw the highest number of undergraduate transfers (195), with the College of Engineering right behind (194).

International enrollment continued its recent decline, dropping to 333 students (221 undergraduate).

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