As the fall 2017 semester began, Tennessee Tech recognized clerical and support staff for their years of service to the university.

From the College of Agriculture and Human Ecology:

    Clifford Goodwin, Hyder-Burks Pavillion, 5 years
    Brian York, farm administration, 20 years

From the College of Arts and Sciences:

    Pamela Malone, biology, 5 years
    Misty Simpson, English, 5 years
    Amy Foster, history, 10 years
    Elizabeth Walker, physics, 30 years

From the College of Business:

    Beth Mannle, basic business, 25 years
    Marie Tucker, dean’s office, 15 years
    Terri Stidhan, J.E. Owen Chair of Excellence, 15 years

From the College of Education:

    Debbie Gunnels, child development lab, 10 years
    Phyllis Gaw, learning resource center, 20 years
    Precious Edmonds, teacher education, 10 years

From the College of Engineering:

    Becky Asher, chemical engineering, 10 years
    Mark Davis, civil and environmental engineering, 5 years
    Dawn Taylor, civil and environmental engineering, 5 years
    Barbara Fenlon, electrical and computer engineering, 5 years
    Kacie Scruggs, mechanical engineering, 5 years

From library and learning assistance:

    Sonya Bowman, library operations, 25 years
    Teresa Queener, library operations, 30 years

From Academic Affairs:

    Rickey Flatt, Craft Center maintenance, 30 years

From Athletics:

    Marilyn Borch-Jensen, athletic academic counseling, 10 years
    Debbie Parker, football, 5 years

From Office of Communications and Marketing:

    Lorie Worley, creative services, 10 years

From Digital and Distance Education:

    Sharon Stevenson, extended education, 5 years

From the Enrollment Management and Student Success:

    Pam Goolsby, admissions, 20 years
    Geneva Phillips, financial aid, 5 years
    Kathy Buckner, records, 30 years

From the Office of Planning and Finance:

    Brian Stransberry, academic and client technologies, 15 years
    Debbie Mayberry, business office, 10 years
    Stephaine Hargis, business office, 15 years
    Jody Webb, environmental health and safety, 20 years
    James Dale, facilities, 10 years
    Kenneth Daniels, facilities, 10 years
    James Baker, facilities, 15 years
    Kevin Glover, facilities, 20 years
    Steven Norris, facilities, 20 years
    David Garrett, network services, 5 years
    Clay Randolph, network services, 30 years
    Mark Greenwood, purchasing, 10 years

From Research and Economic Development:

    Gary Bradford, STEM Center, 20 years

From Student Affairs:

    Sandra Dodson, health services, 10 years

From University Advancement:

    Susan Swartzentrover, 5 years