Being patient, helpful and generous are just a few of the qualities that earned Sindi Christopher, human resources specialist, the title of November’s Ambassador of the Month.

Krystal Akehinmi, a new assistant professor of history, nominated Christopher for the title.

“Navigating the logistical requirements mandated by a university human resources department can be its own nightmare,” Akehinmi said in Christopher’s nomination. “On the contrary, my acclimation to the Tennessee Tech community has been delightful because of the professional staff within our HR and the patience, kindness and expertise of Ms. Sindi M. Christopher in particular.”

Akehinmi went on to say that Christopher is a “stellar example of the best of this university.”

“She has been steadily helpful, generous and engaging as I have called her office, sometimes more than twice in the same day, or visited her desk to ask for assistance regarding university benefits,” Akehinmi said. “I have always felt welcome in her office and her well-organized sessions are empowering. Sindi is inventive, careful and skillful at explaining what, for me, is sometimes a complicated policy world. She relays her knowledge with a humility and grace that should inspire us all to be more humane.”