A group of Tennessee Tech faculty and staff have been recognized for their efforts on campus. Barry Farrell, Andy Reinard, Zachary Wilcox, Shelia Kendrick, Olivia Newman, Pedro Arce and Joey Yother received Tech Togetherness awards during a reception banquet held earlier this week.

The awards are part of the Tech Togetherness Initiative created by the office of the provost which helps bridge gaps and create stronger relationships between administrators, faculty, staff and the Tech community at large.

Wilcox, an associate professor in counseling and psychology, earned the Most Friendly award after being nominated by student Ariel Upson.

“Dr. Wilcox is a friendly face in the department and always assists the students in learning in fun and creative ways. He makes sure no one goes unnoticed, making a genuine effort to be friendly and converse with every student in and outside of classes,” said Upson. “Not only does he value learning and improvement academically, but he fosters the growth of socialization and comradery in his courses.”

Yother, an assistant director in admissions, garnered the Team Player award after being nominated by one of his colleague’s Jessica Northcutt.

“Joey is a true example of a team player. Joey would literally do anything he could to help you out,” Northcutt said. “He is super friendly, personable, and caring. He also genuinely loves working at TTU and seems to always be smiling and trying to lift others up as well.”

Newman, an administrative assistant in the curriculum and instruction office, earned the Most Inviting Office award. She was nominated by her colleague Rebecca Violet.

“Olivia is always willing to help,” said Violet. “She is always willing to do the little extras needed to accomplish the tasks at hand.”

Farrell and Reinard share the Most Initiative award after being nominated by colleague Amy McCoy. Farrell and Reinard work with operations and maintenance systems and help out with projects all over campus.

“They are both equally deserving of this award,” said McCoy. “They show a great deal of initiative in any project that they are working on. They are the first people to step up when something needs to get done.”

The Most Encouraging Faculty or Staff award goes to Arce, who is chair of the chemical engineering department. Arce was nominated by one of his students, Caroline Ellis.

“He is the main reason why I chose Tennessee Tech. He encouraged me to do research with his team, which I accepted, allowing me to purse new issues and ideas,” said Ellis. “He continues to encourage me to apply myself into higher learning and provide opportunities for me to learn even more. He has been a great mentor to me and continues to encourage my passion for learning.”

Kendrick, a graduate studies coordinator, was tabbed the Unsung Hero. She was nominated by Susan Sparks.

“The amazing part about Shelia is her knowledge of everything needed for each college degree in every department. She is so good with all the students and staff that call her for help,” said Sparks. “I have concluded if anyone has a question in their department and cannot find the answer to call Shelia because she always knows.”

Winners of this year’s Tech Togetherness awards include (from left) Barry Farrell and Andy Reinard, Most Initiative; Zachary Wilcox, Most Friendly; Shelia Kendrick, Unsung Hero; Olivia Newman, Most Inviting Office; Pedro Arce, Most Encouraging Faculty or Staff; and, Provost Lori Bruce. Not pictured, Joey Yother, Team Player.