Construction began this week on a temporary RED level lot at Whitney Avenue and 10th Street.

Updated: Aug. 24, 2017

Parking Lots

Tucker Stadium Parking Lot

The lot has completely reopened. The storm drain construction has been completed.

Commuter Parking Lot

The western half of the commuter parking lot, from 8th Street to 10th Street, was closed starting Aug. 7 to allow for infrastructure work needed for the science building and student recreation center projects. This includes the portion of the lot next to the Old Maintenance Building.

The eastern half of the lot (approximately 350 spaces), north of 8th Street and Maddux/McCord, will remain open through the fall semester. Spaces in this lot will be a combination of green and red. The first three parking rows from Peachtree Avenue will be GREEN level parking. The remainder will be RED. The entrance to this lot will be at a realigned intersection at 8th Street and Peachtree Avenue.

The entire lot will be permanently closed at the end of fall semester to allow for construction of the science building.

New Temporary Lot at 9th Street and Willow Avenue

A temporary gravel lot between Willow and Whitney avenues, from 9th Street to University Drive, is now available. It is a RED-zoned lot. The lot is expected to remain through the fall semester to alleviate parking pressure while construction of the West Campus Parking Lot expansion is completed.

West Campus Parking Lot

The new west campus parking lot, which will add more than 650 purple-level parking spaces, is expected to be completed by the end of October. Currently, the lot’s infrastructure (such as drainage systems and electricity) and curbing are being installed. Once that is completed, paving and finishing work will be done. The new lot will be connected with the current lot immediately north of Tech Village, and will have entrances off of University Drive and North Franklin Avenue. Future phases of this lot will include an entrance on Pine Street.

Roaden University Center Parking Lot (west of building)

The parking lot behind the building will serve as the staging area for the building’s expansion project. Both the GOLD spaces adjacent to Peachtree Avenue and the 30-minute spots will remain open through Sept. 8 to allow for use through the first two weeks of classes. After Sept. 8, the lot will be permanently closed.

30-minute Parking

30-minute spaces are available in the median of Peachtree Avenue from A Street to 8th Street.

Volpe Library Parking Lot

The short rows of parking west of the building adjacent to University Drive are GOLD-zoned parking to replace the gold spaces taken out of service behind the Roaden University Center.

Jere Whitson Visitors Parking Lot (east of building)

This new lot behind the building (immediately east of the structure) is only for use by visitors to the university’s Office of Admissions. Construction is expected to begin early this fall. The parking immediately south of the building will remain GOLD-zoned.

Parking Lot North of Ray Morris Hall

Infrastructure work for the student recreation center and science building projects has closed portions of this lot.

Campus Roads

Permanent closures

  • Whitney Avenue from 7th Street to 9th Street will be permanently closed.
  • Armstrong Street from 7th Street to 8th Street will be permanently closed.

Long-term construction closures

  • 8th Street between Peachtree Avenue and Stadium Drive will be closed for the duration of the construction of the science building; completion is expected to be in fall 2020.
  • 8th Street between Stadium Drive and Willow Avenue will be closed for the duration of the construction of the student recreation center; completion is expected to be fall 2019.

Short-duration construction closures

Stadium Drive between 7th Street and 10th Street will be closed occasionally for contractor access during construction of the science and student recreation buildings.

Road realignment

8th Street between Stadium Drive and Willow Avenue will be realigned to link 9th Street at Whitney Avenue with 8th Street at Stadium Drive. This road, part of the campus master plan, will open upon completion of the student recreation center and science building.