Susan Collins, coordinator in the College of Education’s Office of Teacher Education, has received Tennessee Tech’s Ambassador of the Month Award for October.susan-collins

“Susan has been my office mate for four years and she has never once failed to be the kindest person I know,” said Cherie Hook, Office of Teacher Education master clinician.

Collins has become known for her willingness to go out of her way for others.

“When students are placed for student teaching, she will take the time to find out where the student lives in their county and make sure that they are placed in a school that is within a reasonable distance,” Hook said.

That isn’t always an easy task, since some of the students Collins works with live in remote areas.

“Susan also takes time to help students whenever they need her,” Hook said.

Hook pointed out one example when students were submitting capstone projects and Collins worked the entire weekend, late into the nights, to make sure that students were able to submit on time.

“The capstone is tied to program completion, so if the project is not scored by a designated date, the student’s graduation could be delayed until the end of the summer,” Hook explained. “For teacher candidates, this could prevent them from gaining a position in the workforce.”

Collins displays an obvious commitment to making sure Tennessee Tech’s students are successful.

“She has always been a stellar representative of the employees here at TTU,” Hook said.