Portrait_ENG_ComputerScience_JerryGannod_19JUL16_00002Gerald (Jerry) Gannod


Department of Computer Science


Jerry Gannod is the newest member of the computer science department at Tennessee Tech University. From jazz to baseball, here are a few fast facts you should know about him.

Q: Where did you earn your degrees?

Jerry: I earned my bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees from Michigan State University.


Q: Where have you previously taught?

Jerry: I previously taught at Miami University and Arizona State University.


Q: Is there a specific reason you chose Tech?

Jerry: I chose Tech because of the rich tradition, the great people, and the bright future of the institution-growing challenges in higher education.


Q: What are your favorite things about your profession?

Jerry: My favorite thing about the academic profession is that we are given opportunities to pursue and excel in many different areas, not just teaching, research, writing or administration. To me, this profession has always been about exploration of an interconnected web of ideas and experiences while building enriching relationships along the way. My mindset has always been about growth and I can think of no other sector (government, corporate or otherwise) where we can freely pursue growth.


Q: What skills do you believe set you apart?

Jerry: You mean besides humility? I think maybe the ability to not take myself too seriously. We are all part of the larger Tennessee Tech family with none of us any more or less important than the other. I like to build relationships and help get people together to work towards greater goals because no one of is any greater value than the whole of us.


Q: What are some of your hobbies?

Jerry: I enjoy playing guitar and am always looking for people interested in jazz or other styles of music. I am also an avid baseball fan; the Detroit Tigers are my team!