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I am a Senior Graphic Design major here at Tennessee Tech University. I am a founding member of Talon Creative Student Marketing Agency. Organization, cleaning, lists, and my dry erase calendar keep me sane. I have a furry, basset hound daughter named Dixie Belle. I love playing sports, singing, and adventuring when I can!

Graphic Designer: Maggie Bernabei

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It’s such a surreal feeling to be one of the founding members of Talon Creative. Having a group like this on campus not only benefits school and community organizations, but it benefits the members of Talon as well. We are learning to work with real, paying clients before we have graduated and entered the “real world”. It really gives us some perspective when we get a taste of what it will potentially be like working with clients once we all graduate and have “big kid jobs”.

I love the small, intimate group of students we have that make up Talon Creative, currently. We are all students who have jobs outside of school and are involved in other organizations around campus. It really is a challenge to manage our time and prioritize tasks to be done, and Talon and has really helped us better that aspect of our lives. Talon Creative is still such a new program here at Tech. We are still brainstorming and implementing ways to advertise our services to the students of Tech and the community of Cookeville. I believe that it will be by word of mouth that will really get us more business. We are currently reaching out to the fraternities and sororities on campus to let them know about the ways we can help them advertise their events.

This year was a transition year for Talon Creative as our founding faculty member, Penny Brooks, left to take a job in another state. With the help of our new faculty advisor, Allison Davis, we have really implemented some new, fresh ideas, and Talon has some new momentum going in the right direction to start off strong next semster!