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Hey everyone!

I’m Holly Morgan. I’m a senior and graduating Cum Laude in May with a Bachelor of Science degree. After walking down many paths here at TTU, I finally found my home after two years of wandering. I’m majoring in Communication with a concentration in Journalism, emphasis in public relations, and specialty in sports multimedia. Just this week I received the sports reporting award for my work at The Oracle this past year.

My whole life I’ve written short stories and songs. It was no surprise that in 5th grade I got my first “job” with my local newspaper. Since then I’ve had numerous stories and articles published. I also write for the Odyssey. which is an online platform for college students to write. My most popular article went viral with over 700 shares. You can check it out here: My Article. Talon has given me experience that wouldn’t have been achievable without my participation. I have written content for flyers, brochures, radio ads, and much more.

Talon has allowed me to help others that love Tech as much as I do. It’s a great way to help others around campus while also helping myself learn new things. Being a Talonite has been a great experience. It’s a great group of people all working toward the same goal.

When I’m not working on Talon duties or in class, you can usually find me at Zimmer Broadcasting where I work part-time. Zimmer Broadcasting is over 98.5 KISS FM and 94.7 the GIANT. When I’m not working I enjoy going to Nashville Predators games, hiking, camping, kayaking, shopping, and crafting.


Holly Morgan


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I am a senior Communication major with an emphasis in journalism, concentration in public relations and specialty in sports multimedia. I work at Zimmer Broadcasting. In my free time I love camping, hiking, shopping, and crafting.

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