Designer’s Perspective: What is Talon to Me?

April 20, 2016

Talon Creative represents a great opportunity for those who are able to part of this amazing team, especially graphic artists! Working with clients from the TTU Food Pantry and even Cookeville Regional has given me new challenges and experiences that I never would have in the conventional class room setting. There’s perhaps nothing more exciting than seeing your work posted in public, especially on a billboard! While most of the direct collaboration has been done through our faculty advisor or our PR representative, it is always a very interesting and exciting experience working with a client to bring their ideas to life. And having an official business or organization praise you on your work is perhaps the best feeling you can experience as a student artist. If you have the opportunity to apply for Talon Creative as a graphic designer or artist, I would highly recommend it. It looks fantastic on resumes (not to mention you get paid!) and can give you a competitive edge when you go to find a job after graduation. I have been with Talon since the beginning and have enjoyed helping this organization grow. In ten years, where will Talon Creative be? I hope to have a full-time job, but how far will this agency go? The possibilities are open and I am excited to see how it all plays out!

Later, for now. I have some work to jump back to.



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