Designer’s Perspective: A Tribute to Penny Brooks

As a founding member I had the pleasure to work with Penny Brooks, our original faculty advisor, before her departure from Tennessee Tech in the previous semester. Penny could be best described as a motherly figure. She looked out for us as if we were her own kids; ready to encourage us when we felt discouraged and ready to kick our rears when we needed to get things in gear! For me personally, she also was a friend. We would spend many conversations talking about pop culture, music, trends, and anything else we felt like discussing. Our shared nostalgia for the Star Wars movies even led to a meeting where everyone watched the trailer for The Force Awakens which had just been released that morning. I will always miss seeing her every week and Talon for sure will not be the same without her. But while I am still here, I will endeavor to follow her example by giving this agency my best. I think that is what would make her proud. Farewell Penny. Whatever amazing things life has in store for you, you have earned it!

Well I suppose it’s back to work now. Goodbye, for now.




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