Your Marketing and Sales Rep: Kristen Sands

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My name is Kristen Sands.  I am a Junior Business Marketing major as well as the Vice President of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority and the Marketing and PR Vice President of TAB.  Although I am extremely involved on campus, I am always looking for ways to get experience and learn!  When the opportunity to work for Talon Creative presented itself a year ago, I applied immediately. Talon has given me the opportunity to add to my resume and it has given me major specific experience.  I have been working for Talon for a year now and I can honestly say I have gained so much from being a part of this team.  Not only have I learned the importance of communication between my team members, but I have also learned how to communicate with other campus organizations as well.  I have also learned that when working with team members that all have different background and expertise that everyone always has something fresh to bring to the table.  It is nice to get input from several different perspectives

Graphic Designer: Maggie Bernabei

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It’s such a surreal feeling to be one of the founding members of Talon Creative. Having a group like this on campus not only benefits school and community organizations, but it benefits the members of Talon as well. We are learning to work with real, paying clients before we have graduated and entered the “real world”. It really gives us some perspective when we get a taste of what it will potentially be like working with clients once we all graduate and have “big kid jobs”.

I love the small, intimate group of students we have that make up Talon Creative, currently. We are all students who have jobs outside of school and are involved in other organizations around campus. It really is a challenge to manage our time and prioritize tasks to be done, and Talon and has really helped us better that aspect of our lives. Talon Creative is still such a new program here at Tech. We are still brainstorming and implementing ways to advertise our services to the students of Tech and the community of Cookeville. I believe that it will be by word of mouth that will really get us more business. We are currently reaching out to the fraternities and sororities on campus to let them know about the ways we can help them advertise their events.

This year was a transition year for Talon Creative as our founding faculty member, Penny Brooks, left to take a job in another state. With the help of our new faculty advisor, Allison Davis, we have really implemented some new, fresh ideas, and Talon has some new momentum going in the right direction to start off strong next semster!

Your Writer: Holly Morgan

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Hey everyone!

I’m Holly Morgan. I’m a senior and graduating Cum Laude in May with a Bachelor of Science degree. After walking down many paths here at TTU, I finally found my home after two years of wandering. I’m majoring in Communication with a concentration in Journalism, emphasis in public relations, and specialty in sports multimedia. Just this week I received the sports reporting award for my work at The Oracle this past year.

My whole life I’ve written short stories and songs. It was no surprise that in 5th grade I got my first “job” with my local newspaper. Since then I’ve had numerous stories and articles published. I also write for the Odyssey. which is an online platform for college students to write. My most popular article went viral with over 700 shares. You can check it out here: My Article. Talon has given me experience that wouldn’t have been achievable without my participation. I have written content for flyers, brochures, radio ads, and much more.

Talon has allowed me to help others that love Tech as much as I do. It’s a great way to help others around campus while also helping myself learn new things. Being a Talonite has been a great experience. It’s a great group of people all working toward the same goal.

When I’m not working on Talon duties or in class, you can usually find me at Zimmer Broadcasting where I work part-time. Zimmer Broadcasting is over 98.5 KISS FM and 94.7 the GIANT. When I’m not working I enjoy going to Nashville Predators games, hiking, camping, kayaking, shopping, and crafting.


Holly Morgan


Designer’s Perspective: A Tribute to Penny Brooks

As a founding member I had the pleasure to work with Penny Brooks, our original faculty advisor, before her departure from Tennessee Tech in the previous semester. Penny could be best described as a motherly figure. She looked out for us as if we were her own kids; ready to encourage us when we felt discouraged and ready to kick our rears when we needed to get things in gear! For me personally, she also was a friend. We would spend many conversations talking about pop culture, music, trends, and anything else we felt like discussing. Our shared nostalgia for the Star Wars movies even led to a meeting where everyone watched the trailer for The Force Awakens which had just been released that morning. I will always miss seeing her every week and Talon for sure will not be the same without her. But while I am still here, I will endeavor to follow her example by giving this agency my best. I think that is what would make her proud. Farewell Penny. Whatever amazing things life has in store for you, you have earned it!

Well I suppose it’s back to work now. Goodbye, for now.




Designer’s Perspective: What is Talon to Me?

April 20, 2016

Talon Creative represents a great opportunity for those who are able to part of this amazing team, especially graphic artists! Working with clients from the TTU Food Pantry and even Cookeville Regional has given me new challenges and experiences that I never would have in the conventional class room setting. There’s perhaps nothing more exciting than seeing your work posted in public, especially on a billboard! While most of the direct collaboration has been done through our faculty advisor or our PR representative, it is always a very interesting and exciting experience working with a client to bring their ideas to life. And having an official business or organization praise you on your work is perhaps the best feeling you can experience as a student artist. If you have the opportunity to apply for Talon Creative as a graphic designer or artist, I would highly recommend it. It looks fantastic on resumes (not to mention you get paid!) and can give you a competitive edge when you go to find a job after graduation. I have been with Talon since the beginning and have enjoyed helping this organization grow. In ten years, where will Talon Creative be? I hope to have a full-time job, but how far will this agency go? The possibilities are open and I am excited to see how it all plays out!

Later, for now. I have some work to jump back to.