Thank you for choosing Tennessee Tech

Recently I placed a small order at a local store. At the end of our phone conversation, the lady on the other end of the line said, “Thank you for doing business with us. We appreciate you”. I thought to myself, how nice and how refreshing to hear that. Truly southern hospitality at its best. I assure you that I will do business with them again.

If we paused for a moment to think that all of our TTU family members could have chosen other jobs elsewhere, but instead chose to be with us, then we might have more patience when the inevitable trying moments occur.

If every time we met our students, we ended our encounter with “thank you for choosing Tennessee Tech”, we would continuously remind ourselves that we are here because of them and they have other choices. And that alone, if nothing else, through the power of repetition, could in time cause a paradigm shift in the way we view and serve our students and perhaps in the way we treat each other as a professional family.

So, thank you TTU family for choosing Tennessee Tech. Your presence with us is greatly appreciated and I am grateful to be in your midst.


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3 comments on “Thank you for choosing Tennessee Tech
  1. Taryn Bolton says:

    Yes! A lifestyle of thanksgiving leads to joy in all we do. Well said Dr. Ghorashi.

  2. Vickie Copeland says:

    That is a profound statement. We should treat all of our students as an asset, the rewards will be noticed in no time

  3. Steve Sharp says:

    Gratitude is a rare commodity these days. It is refreshing when we receive it and even more so when we express it.

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